Tree Houses For Kids and Adults!

Have you or your children dreamed of a Tree House in the backyard?

You’ve come to the right place.

For less than the cost of a family vacation, you can have a professionally built Tree House.

My name is John Griffin (aka “The Treehouse Guy”) and I build safe, fun tree houses that the whole family can enjoy.

I’ll take your ideas for a tree house, outdoor playhouse, or kids play house and turn them into a plan.  If you don’t have any ideas, look around my site and you’ll probably get a few.

Check out my site, what I’m all about and some of the projects I’ve worked on or designed, then… CLICK HERE to contact me with your questions, design ideas or request for a quotation.

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How The Process Works

The first step in building a tree house for your family is that we have a discussion about your project by phone to discuss the scope and budget you have in mind.  Second I come to your home, and together we come up with a design for your play structure.  Third, I put together a proposal for you.  Step four: we take a deposit and schedule the construction!!!!!  Most of our tree house projects start at about $3500 and go up from there depending on size, materials and accessories.

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Tree House Season Approaches

I can tell that this is going to be another great tree house building year, because clients are already calling me to get ready to build their tree houses!  I’m excited that it won’t be long before the snow is melted and the ground thawed, so we can tackle some tree house projects for some lucky children (and parents).

One thing that I have learned is that tree houses become an extension of a home’s family room or in some cases the only family room!  Kids are very creative about how to bring their hobbies to a tree house, and Moms and Dads appreciate the respite themselves!  Let me know if we can build a tree house for your family.

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Here it is the middle of July and we have completed 27 tree houses for some happy kids and adults.  We are now building one in Evergreen that has a view of 2 fourteeners!  We have now designed and built over 100 tree houses including 4 for Make A Wish kids!!!!

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Tree House Season is Underway

Monday we start the 12th tree house project of the year.  We have built 2 for Make-A-Wish children ( 1 in Colorado Springs and 1 in Aurora), and Monday we start one on a working horse ranch just outside of Boulder.  When I went to discuss this project a few weeks ago, I got to meet a young foal: the offspring of a two giant work horses.  This tree house is going to be cowboy sized at 8 feet by 8 feet and 8 feet off the ground.  It will be mounted to a dead cottonwood tree that has been trimmed and readied for us to work from.  Perhaps the most unusual project thus far has been a pair of tree house like structures inside the offices of SenGrid, a Boulder based company that provided email platforms to businesses.  These will be quiet spaces for staff to go for private discussions or telephone calls.

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Can we build a Tree House in February?

The quick answer is yes, and we have a couple ready to be built when we get another window of warm weather.  But it is definitely a great time to plan and design and to have me over to your backyard to discuss your project.  We are currently kicking around the idea of building one in Costa Rica.  We are still in the early discussion phase, but it is exciting just imagining building one on an island off the west coast of Costa Rica and all the logistical considerations! Did I say nightmares?

We are also excited to be making plans for our first formal (quite informal actually) Tree House Celebration in May.  We’ve built 75 tree houses, so it is surely time to celebrate!!!!  Stay tuned!

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A Micro Home on Wheels

Currently we are building a micro house that will be for sale in the Spring: a 148 square foot home on wheels.  It has most of  the luxuries of home and will provide an opportunity for someone to seriously downsize and reduce their carbon footprint.  The exterior has Douglas Fir siding, Western Red Cedar trim, Aluminum clad wood windows and a standing seam metal solar ready roof.  Inside will be finished with Aspen paneling and include a small kitchen with sink, fridge and 4 burner stove, a bath with a shower and composting toilet, an energy efficient tankless water heater and gas fired wall furnace, and walls and ceilings insulated with R-25 sprayed in foam.  There are two lofts, one for storage and a larger one to accommodate a queen size bed. You might say that this a “high end” micro house looking for a discerning buyer in the Front Range.

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Winter Projects

Its not too early to start planning your tree house or play house.  We have 3 projects in the pipeline to start when the weather cooperates and 2 more under consideration.  All three are designs without a tree.  We are excited that one will be through the Make a Wish Foundation for a little girl in Meeker.

In January we completed an indoor play house of sorts in a bedroom for a little girl in Boulder.  From a Martha Stewart design we built a cottage facade with fence, roof and windows for two sleeping alcoves.  Mom put the finishing touches on it with pink and white paint!

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Tree House News

Halloween approaches, and we are still building tree house play structures!  We will be building until the ground freezes.

Hollywood comes knocking . The Channel 13 Fox-TV Morning Show filmed us for live spots on Tuesday November 13 at 7:50 and 8:45.

Tree House Conference. 3 weeks ago I attended the 12th annual Tree House Conference in Cave Junction, Oregon where we were hosted by “Out ‘n About Treesort”, a 14 tree house bed and breakfast resort.  I learned some new design skills and tree house and zipline rigging.  In the course of the trip I also learned that tree house builders are an unusual breed!

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1 Thing to Consider About a Backyard Tree House

Over the next few months I will be posting some of the important considerations that I address when I perform the backyard consult for a Tree House project.  These backyard visits are always free for my Tree House clients and are one of my favorite parts of the process.

The height of the Tree House is always an integral part of the discussion. I have found that parents, especially Dads (who are normally completely rational!), are often excited about placing the Tree House well up into a tree, but kids usually have other ideas.  Children are most interested in having the feeling of being under a tree instead of being halfway up near the top of a tree.  There are many advantages in building a Tree House with the main platform at a height of 5 to 6 feet.     First is the safety issue: it is far more pleasant to tumble 5 or 6 feet rather than 10 or 15!     Second is that it usually affords us the ability to build the structure below most of the branches and thus avoid the need to cut them. This is especially true of roofed Tree Houses.  We like to preserve as much of the tree as possible.  By keeping the Tree House lower their is more useable headroom space below the major branches.     Third is that most of our trees in Colorado’s Front Range are small and less than ideal for Tree Houses.  So we put less stress on the trees by staying lower and using the larger diameter portion of the trunk.     Fourth is that with our standard design and construction the 5 to 6 foot height keeps our costs more reasonable.  Added height means added material and labor expense.  Fifth is an issue that comes into play with most of our Tree Houses: accessories, kids want them!  Slides and other accessories are designed for heights of 5 to 6 feet, and ones built for higher attachment heights are very pricey.        Sixth is one part of this Tree House building game that can be a major hassle:  M.I. (municipal involvement) which is fortunately not often an issue.  The less M.I. that we attract, the easier life will be for you, me and your kids.  Most cities want to insure that a Tree House or any play structure is built outside of  setbacks and easements.  They also don’t want to get a get a call from an neighbor about a structure in your yard, and actually they truly dread those calls. (I will address the whole M.I. issue more fully in another entry soon) A 20 foot high Tree House can bring unwanted attention from many sources!

There are trees that beg for a taller Tree House and backyards that are ideal for one.  And please don’t misunderstand me, I love to build big Tree Houses!!!!! But mostly I will be talking to my clients about the 5 to 6 foot rule.

Until next time, Keep dreaming about Tree Houses!!!!

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Winter is a time to dream of Tree Houses

Tree House building season is nearly upon us with memories of the variety of  Tree Houses we designed and built from March to November in 2011 for children from Centennial to Boulder.  Now is a great time to dream of your Tree House and consider the design elements you’d like to include.  You can ponder your ideas while looking at the pictures on our site.

One of the things that I am pondering this winter is to build a multi-purpose Tree House for a school in the Front Range.  This would serve the school in many ways:  as a place to hold assemblies, as a stage to present plays, as a graduation stage and of course a place to play.  The design would include handicap access and a roof to protect children from the elements. We would offer help to run a fundraising campaign for the Tree House.

We have a few other ideas and dreams and will present them here in the coming weeks.

Keep Dreaming,

John, The Tree House Guy

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