Why am I qualified to build tree houses for your kids?
I have a degree in Civil Engineering and have worked in many aspects of home construction.  My professional life has included work as a deck officer and surveyor on a hydrographic surveying ship in Hawaii and Alaska, as a project manager traveling from Maine to Hawaii to measure gravity (really), 4 years as a Bed and Breakfast owner in Seattle (with its own Tree House) and 3 years working to start-up the TreeHouse Camp, a non-profit children’s summer camp.
In the 90’s I studied cabinet making and furniture making and design in Seattle and built many pieces of furniture for the Bed and Breakfast. These jobs afforded me the opportunity to travel to all 50 States.
Most importantly, I have a child and bring the same level of safety-awareness to my work as if it were my own child. I credit my daughter for resurrecting my passion for tree houses. She was about 18 months old when I built her first tree house.  Though the yard didn’t have a tree, the tree house had 3 levels, each 18 inches above the next level to prevent any big falls. She still has fond memories of the hours upon hours she spent in the tree house playing with her friends.
I moved that tree house to Vermont where we lived for 3 years and when we returned to Colorado I managed to bring some of the wood from it with us. I have built tree houses in 4 states dating back to age 9, though that first one  wasn’t very fancy!
I grew up in a small New Hampshire town where I spent a lot of time in the mountains, in the woods and on the water and in my tree house.  I now live in a small 1908 cottage under a huge Silver Maple in Louisville, located between Denver and Boulder, Colorado. We have a Tree House in the backyard and a tree swing in the front yard.
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