We love our tree house. My kids have had tea parties, hide outs, picnics, and turned it into a club house... their imaginations are free to explore when they are in it. It is well and meticulously built, with so many little extras, like a bucket on a pulley and tire swing under, that my kids can use it for many different adventures. I can see it evolving in time to an escape from the confines of the house or pesky siblings and it may be a place to do homework in the future. Our tree house has transformed our yard and made it a place that my kids love to play in

Ashley    Boulder   

John built our “playhouse on wheels”. The whole process went great from planning through construction. Kids love it, looking forward to summer for backyard camp-outs. The wagon is very sturdy, safe and well worth the price

Dan    Greenwood Village   

It was our goal to build our fort with as much recycled material as we could. John and Scott were incredibly flexible and helped us modify the deign to incorporate the materials we found. John has a creative mind and knows how to build a solid structure that will be enjoyed and last for many years to come. It was was a pleasure working with Treehouse Colorado

Leslie    Louisville   

I wanted to follow-up with you and let you know how much fun the kids are having with the treehouse. They really love it.  Thanks for your hard work.  We appreciate it

Britt    Denver   

John and his crew did a wonderful job creating a magnificent tree house for our 3 boys. We were uncertain of the materials that we would use or how the final look of the house would appear in our backyard, but John helped us navigate and make those decisions easily.  The end product was a high end, beautifully built structure that our entire family will certainly enjoy for as long as we live in our home

Kerri    Cherry Creek   

The girls just love their treehouse!  They have been playing on it every day. Thank you!

Roni    Cherry Creek   

Our playhouse is amazing!! John and his crew worked with us with the design, the build, and the changes we made during construction. The kids absolutely love it. They couldn’t have done a better job!

Nicole    Hilltop   

John is one of the most creative, and talented individuals I have ever come across in the building business. He can truly ‘see’ what a child/kid of any age would want in a tree house, while staying completely professional and practical. He built our tree house to grow and evolve with our children as they move through their different likes and stages in life. He thinks about even the smallest details,  but all the time keeping the owners budget in mind. John builds each tree house like it is a very extension of his inner self. Our house is the favorite “play-date yard” because of this play structure. The best part is that we didn’t even realize that John was building us the best “playmate”, that we could have ever wished for, for our children. John, you knocked it out of the park with this family!

Delisa    Cherry Creek   

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