Winter is a time to dream of Tree Houses

Tree House building season is nearly upon us with memories of the variety of  Tree Houses we designed and built from March to November in 2011 for children from Centennial to Boulder.  Now is a great time to dream of your Tree House and consider the design elements you’d like to include.  You can ponder your ideas while looking at the pictures on our site.

One of the things that I am pondering this winter is to build a multi-purpose Tree House for a school in the Front Range.  This would serve the school in many ways:  as a place to hold assemblies, as a stage to present plays, as a graduation stage and of course a place to play.  The design would include handicap access and a roof to protect children from the elements. We would offer help to run a fundraising campaign for the Tree House.

We have a few other ideas and dreams and will present them here in the coming weeks.

Keep Dreaming,

John, The Tree House Guy

Winter is a time to dream of Tree Houses

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